Skills Trainer Job Description

Supervisor: Residential Manager

Hours: 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise agreed upon

Ongoing Assessment:
The Skills Trainer (ST) conveys assessment and documentation of residents’ ability and functionality. Written documentation will be maintained in each resident chart showing their Active Daily Living (ADL) functioning level. The Skills Trainer (ST) will work with the Residential Manager (RM) to complete ongoing care plans.

Skills Training:
The ST works closely with the RM to train residents on Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and remove barriers of step-down to lower levels of care. Barriers of step-down many include (but are not limited to): transportation, participation in society (grocery store, bank, social security office, etc.), finding employment, participation in groups and prescriber appointments, maintaining personal safety in community, and healthy interaction with family and friends. Community outings are required, and the ST will be involved in planning and implementation of community outings.

Supervision / Evaluation of Residents:
Responsible for supervising all residents who are on site. The ST will monitor residents for changes in psychiatric presentation as well as medical presentation and provide appropriate intervention as needed. All changes in resident behavior and/or presentation will be communicated to the RM. The Skills Trainer will incorporate all aspects of Cameron Care, Inc.’s Safety Program with regards to supervision of residents.

Supervision of Medication Program:
The ST will review and process cycle review sheets and cycle fill monthly to ensure continuity of medication program. ST will communicate with RM in writing AND in person if there are errors found in any phase of the facility medication program. ST is not a supervisor, but is responsible for tracking the accuracy of the MAR (this task is shared with the RM). Any reprimand during to medication program errors will be the responsibility of the site’s RM. Regarding Medication Program: The Skills Trainer will refer to the Residential Manager, who refers to Registered Nurse.

Maintaining Confidentiality:
All information obtained while performing ST duties is confidential and will not be shared unless dictated by this job description or your supervisor’s instruction. Information is only used for the purpose of complying with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) and policies. Resident information is only given out by the ST if a written (and current) release of information is on file. Failure to maintain confidentiality of resident information will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.