About Us


In 1979, Cameron Guest Home (Boise street location) was established by Jon and Gaye Cameron and was originally licensed as a residential facility for seniors. In 1986 the Boise facility became licensed by the State of Oregon Office of Mental Health and Addiction Services as a Residential Care Facility.

Our Clients

Cameron Care Inc. serves clients diagnosed with severe and chronic mental disorders. Many of our clients have histories of not taking their medications and in some cases have found themselves homeless. Our program is designed to support each client in all aspects of daily life. Each client of Cameron Care, Inc. works with our Residential Manager and Skills Trainer to create a personalized care plan to ensure that all of their needs are being addressed. All of our resident referrals come from Multnomah County Residential Placement Personnel, and each site maintains a wait list of prospective clients. If you are interested in placement, please contact your local psychiatric clinic and request that a residential referral packet be created. All referral packets must go through Multnomah County Mental Health before they are presented to a Cameron Care facility.

Company Growth

Over the years Cameron Care, Inc has grown to 3 residential facilities. The original Boise location, the Garfield location that was constructed and licensed in 1990, and the Powell location that was purchased and licensed in 1996.

Our Staff

At Cameron Care Inc, we understand the importance of having knowledgeable and caring staff to help our clients regain their independence. We employ an experienced and compassionate team of Residential Care Staff, Skills Trainers, and Residential Managers. Should you have an interest in joining our team, please check out our job openings and fill out our online application.