Welcome to Cameron Care, Inc.

Providing quality residential treatment for adults with mental illness.

For over thirty years, Cameron Care, Inc. has been providing residential care in Portland, Oregon. Focusing on the specific needs of each resident, we assemble a treatment team which includes the resident, guardian (if applicable), Residential Manager, Skills Trainer, Residential Care Staff, Case Managers, outpatient providers, and county residential placement specialists.

Working with each resident, we create a care plan to address individual needs and specific goals. No two people are the same, so we tailor each care plan to the individual.

We develop treatment & support to allow residents to maintain their dignity, independence, & health.

Our Mission

  • To provide a treatment environment that is one of compassion, understanding, and respect, in a family atmosphere that fosters self-regulation and community.

  • Ensuring compliance with all prescribers' written orders (including medication orders).

  • Maintaining a safe and clean living environment while providing a balanced daily routine.

  • Offering a program that enables each individual an opportunity to work toward a more independent living scenario.