Residential Manager Job Description

Supervisor:Program Director

Hours: 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

The Residential Manager (RM) primary function is to operate the facility in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) governing Residential Treatment Facilities. The RM must report to the Program Director any and all concerns regarding operations.

Admission/Discharge of Residents:
Responsible for the initial screening process and placement of residents as well as the discharge planning process.

Resident Records:
Creates and maintains resident and household records.

Medication Records:
Supervises staff in the administration and documentation of medication including ordering and receiving meds from the pharmacy and maintaining current doctors’ orders. Monitors the disposal of medication and the record keeping of controlled substances. Maintains household first aid supplies.

Menu Planning:
Assists staff in developing weekly menus according to the USDA’s food pyramid and the Diabetes food pyramid. It is our policy to offer resident diabetics alternative choices according to the recommendations of the USDA. It is the responsibility and the right of the resident to refuse these alternate food choices. The physician must be kept informed of noncompliance to diet recommendations.

Personnel Management:
Responsible for the recruitment, training, and supervision of employees. This is done in cooperation with the Human Resources Specialist (HRS). RMs will be responsible for 90 day and annual reviews with each employee. Other reviews are conducted when necessary.

Incident Reporting:
Responsible for the proper reporting of all incidents.

Household Maintenance:
Verbally reports any household maintenance needs to Licensee(s). Assists other staff in maintaining neat and orderly households. Regularly inspects household drawers, closets, storage areas for neatness, cleanliness, and orderliness. Delegates needs to appropriate staff.

Equipment Maintenance:
Verbally reports any equipment repair or replacement needs to Licensee(s).

Responsible for implementing the facility’s Safety Program, which includes (but is not limited to) the maintenance of the alarm and sprinkler system, monthly fire evacuation drills, and the training of staff and residents on all aspects of household safety. Maintains records on all of the above. Reports any safety concern immediately to Licensee(s).

Communicates with Case Managers, Health Care Professionals, Multnomah County Residential personnel, and guardians (if applicable) with regards to client’s progress and treatment plan. Does NOT communicate with anyone without a signed release of information, which is required at time of admission, then annually. Listens to resident and staff concerns. Maintains confidentiality as required by law. Keeps employees informed of changes in client status. Communicates changes in policies and procedures to residents and staff. Communicates any and all concerns to Licensee(s) regarding general well being of facility.

May delegate duties to appropriate personnel. Assigns responsibilities to individual employees as necessary. Delegates authority to others in his/her absence.

Policy and Procedures:
Actual content of Policy and Procedure Book is the responsibility of Licensee(s). However, the RM is responsible for assuring that all staff members under his/her supervision read and understand the policies and procedures and is updated on any changes as they occur. This training is documented in each personnel file. The Policy book does not leave the premises. If requested, a copy can be made available to appropriate individuals.

On-Call Responsibility:
RM is required to share the on-call responsibility with the management team on a rotating basis to ensure coverage during weekends. The schedule will be assigned by your supervisor. In the event you are on-call, you may be required to appear on site during psychiatric emergencies, answer staff questions, locate staff to cover a shift, or physically appear on-site and personally complete a shift.

Administrative Support:
The Human Resource Coordinator (HRC) will provide administrative support to RM depending on workflow and/or project deadlines.