Residential Care Staff Job Description

Supervisor: Residential Manager

Hours: Varied, depending on shift.

Supervision / Evaluation of Residents:
Responsible for supervising all residents who are on site. Residential Care Staff (RC) monitors residents for changes in psychiatric presentation as well as medical presentation and will provide appropriate intervention as needed. Any intervention performed must be within the scope of training for each RC. All changes in resident behavior and/or presentation must be communicated to the Residential Manager (RM). Residential Care Staff will incorporate all aspects of Cameron Care, Inc.’s Safety Program with regards to supervision of residents.

Administering Medications & Complying with Written Orders:
Responsible for administering and maintaining all prescribed medication according to current orders from prescribers. This includes (but is not limited to) proper documentation in the Medication Administration Record, notifying the Residential Manager when medications need to be re-ordered, re-ordering medication in the RM’s absence, counting all controlled drugs when giving or taking control of the staff keys, and assisting the RM in disposal of controlled medication when appropriate. Only one employee may have possession of medication keys at one time. Every time the keys change possession, the controlled medications MUST be counted by the employee giving up the keys, as well as by the employee taking control of the medication keys. Failure to follow protocol re: medication keys and controlled medication count may result in termination of employment.

Meal Preparation:
Responsible for preparing and serving three meals and one snack daily by creating a pre-planned weekly menu. Meals are created according to the recommended dietary allowances found in the Dept. of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid. Residential Care Staff submit menus to the Residential Manager for approval one week in advance. If a physician orders a specific diet, the Residential Care Staff will work with Residential Manger to accommodate the physician’s order. Meal preparation will be required during all shifts. Graveyard shift will either prepare ingredients and/or thaw food for the day shift, or may be asked to prepare complete meals that can be stored for use the following day.

Assistance with Resident’s Activities of Daily Living:
Responsible for assisting residents while they complete their activities of daily living (ADLs). Residential Care Staff use verbal reminders, encouragement, praise, and positive reinforcement in supervising completion of ADLs. In situations when the resident may be unwilling to complete ADL’s, such as laundry, linen changes, bedroom maintenance, etc., it becomes the responsibility of the Skills Trainer and Residential Care Staff to complete these tasks. All assistance should be provided without compromising privacy, respect, or any resident rights. All personal hygiene tasks (showering, toileting, changing clothing) are completed by the resident. If personal hygiene tasks cannot be completed without assistance, the Residential Manager must be notified.

Residents may not be able to complete ADLs if they are repeatedly awake during graveyard shift. RCs must notify RM if clients are not maintaining a consistent sleep pattern at night. Encouraging residents to socialize during sleep hours is prohibited, and may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Responsible for completing each task outlined in the HOUSEKEEPING SCHEDULE. Residential Care Staff may not delegate housework to residents unless the tasks are documented in the Residential Plan of Care. If the resident does not comply with the Plan of Care, the Residential Care Staff becomes responsible for these tasks.

Differences in Duties:
Some daily tasks of RCs will differ based on which shift you are working. For example, graveyard shift RCs may be doing more medication ordering than other staff, as this shift requires less meal preparation and less interaction with clients, allowing enough extra time for tasks that may not be assigned to RCs who cover the day shift. Each RC is responsible for maintaining open communication with their Residential Manager to ensure that all assigned tasks are completed. RCs are required to provide a current working telephone number to their RMs to allow continuity of care, and to maintain an up to date staffing and training schedule.

Maintaining Confidentiality:
All information obtained while performing RC duties is confidential and will not be shared unless dictated by this job description or your Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) and policies. Resident information is only given out by the RC if a written (and current) release of information is on file. Failure to maintain confidentiality of resident information will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

Administrative Support:
HRC will provide administrative support to Residential Manager depending on workflow and/or project deadlines in order to maintain continuity of care.

Residential Care Staff are not permitted to sleep on the premises. Sleeping in premises will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to: a) being removed from schedule, b) change of assigned shift and/or assigned site, and c) termination of employment.

Personal phone calls are not permitted during hours of work. Scheduled breaks are the only time in which personal calls are permitted. Residential Care Staff must notify their supervisors at the beginning of each scheduled break. Cameron Care telephone lines are not for personal use at any time. Answering personal phone calls during working hours will result in disciplinary action that many include termination of employment.

Resident living rooms are not for employee use. Employees are not permitted to sit on sofas in resident living rooms, even if employees are on breaks.